Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese grape king Fang Fengfu recovered 69 cheated paintings worth billions

Beijing – VIDEO – "the grape king" Fang Fengfu recovered 69 pieces of paintings worth billions of cheated "Chinese grape king" Fang Fengfu recovered 69 pieces of paintings cheated billion [comment] recently, Chongqing’s famous Chinese painter, "the grape king" Fang Fengfu finally got cheated on the value of billion yuan in the 71 picture for the case, once shocked the country calligraphy and painting circle, after the police finally returned to. Fang Fengfu is good at painting grapes, painting and calligraphy circles in China known as the "king of the Chinese grape," the reputation of his pen, the color of the grapes are bright, so coveted. Fang Fengfu is currently a professor at Southwestern University, Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the United Nations artists association. Fang Fengfu’s "black man", "autumn spring", "fruit fragrance" more than and 30 frame works respectively in the Great Hall of the people, fishing Taiwan Hotel collection. In August 2014, Fang Fengfu received a call from Beijing. Call the woman claiming to Wu eyes, is the National Museum planning department staff. Wu eye said, National Museum is planning a new year in 2015 before the calendar, let Fang Fengfu paintings as a calendar with pictures, only Fang Fengfu paintings electronic files, do not charge any fees. Fang Fengfu called his son through electronic mail will be part of the paintings of electronic documents to Wu ying. A few days later, Wu eye again calls Fang Fengfu for the address, will make a good return to the calendar. Fang Fengfu recalled, sent 5 of the calendar have his resume, also printed with "National Museum", "Chinese painting master Fang Fengfu". The sender address is Wu eye, National Museum planning department. Subsequently, Wu eye to do exhibition etc., from the party to go at 71 Fengfu picture. However, no exhibition held, Wu eye also disappeared. April 2015, Fang Fengfu alarm. After investigation, Chongqing Beibei police confirmed that National Museum has no Wu eyes, have not received the Fang Fengfu painting. Fang Fengfu received the calendar and newspaper, are counterfeit items. Police in Guangdong arrested the suspect Zhou, Fang Fengfu at his residence found 71 paintings, his wife for a be arrested. According to market evaluation, Fang Fengfu cheated on the value of hundreds of millions of paintings. [in the same period] (Fang Fengfu, a famous Chinese painter in Chongqing), my painting has come back to me. Because the 70 cheated to the painting, basically I am very good work, it can be said that many are fine, so that the value is very high. [comment] in September 13th 71, Fang Fengfu cheated the painting exhibition held in Chongqing City Federation of literary and art museum. Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan Chongqing reports相关的主题文章:

Joe Chen returns to the stage to reproduce the classic love story 8l9840

Joe Chen returned to the stage reproduces the classic love story of Sina entertainment news by Joe Chen [micro-blog] starring drama "bread tree woman" – Meggie landed in Shanghai veteran theatre theatre on the night of September 8th. The play adapted from the famous Hongkong emotional writer Zhang Xiaoxian novel of the same name by mainland renowned theatre director ho read [micro-blog], Taiwan idol drama director Chen Mingzhang and producer, Shanghai new drama female director Lee directed the team behind it is enabled making "the Queen", "spoiled" startling step by step high reputation drama "He Nian" team. As the city drama "Darling", although since its premiere in 2012 is the fourth round replay, "bread tree woman" is still hard to get a vote, sought after by the audience and love. Best drama actress Joe Chen was named "idol strength" drama "bread tree woman" tells the heroine Cheng Yun (Joe Chen ornaments) and genius lyrics a child love Lin Fangwen, through the test of friendship, love, encounter many love for actress at the age of twenty, well described, presents a "growth" love story. In just 2.5 hours, the actress need let the audience follow her vivid feeling that love "as a roller coaster, both exciting and painful" feeling, the actor, is undoubtedly a great challenge. In addition, in order to add to the drama of the charm, the play also joined the dance elements, many people are showing monologue in the form of a song, the actors dance skill requirements. However, these difficulties are not baffled "sticky girl" Joe Chen, is the first drama works, but she has a free excellent acting young girls will process the mentality of most incisive interpretation of rhyme, the audience greatly. Finally, Joe Chen’s pay has been rewarded, last year, she won the fourth Beijing Danny International Performing Arts Award for best actress of the year. After winning, Joe Chen mood is very excited, even couldn’t help crying on the spot, she said: "the drama and film and television works are so different, you do not have a NG chance," bread tree "6 tears, I play every game to precisely at that point to push yourself even cry. Play 10 games, it means I need to complete 60 tears. During the period, I have questioned myself, but also a few times because of the pressure is too large and sleepless all night, I was afraid of losing face in front of thousands of people." Today, Joe Chen’s work has been affirmed by the parties, sweeping can only play the idol drama, voices of doubt can not control the drama, more netizens praised for both Yan values and acting "idol strength". And felt the drama charm of Joe Chen, is unable to stop on the stage. She enjoyed a stage beyond the self, self break feeling, "the stage will help me with energy, just like the same charge, can hear the audience pulling Kleenex’s voice at the table is very enjoyable." The original cast again on the classic love story with "bread tree woman" by the original cast again appeared, the audience can enjoy in addition to Guru Joe Chen"相关的主题文章:

Sun Yaoqi replaced Yuan Shanshan to join the first grade to return to the campus by the test peepsamurai

Sun Yaoqi replaced Yuan Shanshan to join the first grade " "; to return to the campus by the test — entertainment channel — Hunan TV reality show "the first grade graduation season?" the upcoming October 22nd every Saturday evening broadcast this season, in addition to inviting Chen Jianbin gave the first variety show, Julian Cheung and his wife Anita Yuen, and loura several stars the teacher to join also greatly enhance the program expectations. The day before, this season has officially announced for counselors, because a live event to be friends to the extreme "black black girl" – actor Sun Yaoqi Yuan Shanshan will be taking over as the season of University counselor. "The first grade graduation season?" will take classes in students, competition mode and cross type teaching, a true record of the drama in the two star group of senior teachers under the leadership of the graduation season of life. The highlight of the PK mode, has not led to the program start to smell the thick smell of gunpowder, and the sun has been controversial Yaoqi to join the program adds a spectacle. "Sun Yaoqi’s in the first grade?" in the graduation season last season and people like Yuan Shanshan, the same as the University counselor. In addition to the same people, two people in the program before the experience is almost the same. That year, Yuan Shanshan for the film and television drama is not popular, by netizens and scold and black, even launched "Yuan Shanshan get out of the entertainment topic; and Sun Yaoqi had also because in a video broadcast in direct users to answer questions, accidentally revealed the former gossip friends Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao’s being friends mad black. Called" scheming". In the last season of the show, Yuan Shanshan on their own true performance, the success of the image from black to white, reversing the previous public impression. Therefore, taking over Yuan Shanshan in the season to continue to serve as the University Counselor Sun Yaoqi would like Yuan Shanshan staged counter attack, naturally become the audience most expect surprise. For the expectations of the outside world, Sun Yaoqi also admitted that he is under great pressure on the program, but the program before it has removed the "Star", "actor" label, to make their own adjustments to an ordinary university counselor should be. In order to be more close to the campus, Sun Yaoqi even before the program recording a month will be moved to the nearby Shanghai Theater Academy, you went to the campus around the observation of students and teachers state. Then the "black girl" whether Sun Yaoqi like Yuan Shanshan through the program successful counter attack? By the netizen "all black" and her true side is what? This season’s first grade graduation season will restore the most authentic Sun Yaoqi. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

Princess director of the new conference we are not bad money! (video)

"Princess" director of the new conference: we are not bad money! [Abstract] Ryoko Yoshiki, director of the promotion of the crown prince, the new work, the general said that the crew is not bad money, no longer like the princess, so poor. Sheng Yilun’s partner Ma Sichun in IP drama "general" Tencent in the entertainment news (Wen Li wheat video Wang Dong) princess "promotion" director Ryoko Yoshiki has a new work! Or a network of popular novel in 2011 occupied Jinjiang original list "click on me" in general; or Sheng Yilun play handsome woman costume masterpiece; or "full gas attack", but Zhang Tianai changed from Ma Sichun. However, the biggest change is – the crew no longer bad money! In August 25th, TV drama "in general" held in Beijing to start the press conference, you can simply use the "nouveau riche" to describe not only the producer Jin Yifei, producer and co director Ryoko Yoshiki, CO director Wen Jie, Oscar best costume design award winner Wata Emi, screenwriter Chen Shi son, male and female Yilun Sheng and Ma Sichun were present, they also repeatedly stressed: let us once gathered top resource, mustering the strength to do a real drama"! The conference and entertainment Tencent before doing creative interview broadcast live, want to review, please ent.qq star H5 jjzs.htm. Sheng Yilun Ma Sichun, the interpretation of the "moron" Iron Duke "generals." said the original party will not let down TV "in general" adapted from the orange flowers scattered in the novel "general in my next", in 2011 the original Jinjiang original click on the list, the integral works up to 241595008, far more than the same type of fiction. Ye Zhao is the female main battlefield murderous generals, called "live Yan Luo", actor Zhao Yujin in appearance than Pan An, but it really is a cynical moron princes, sex and character inversion, coupled with the turbulent state the background, let the story double charm. The conference site, starring Sheng Yilun, Ma Sichun debut, a valiant and heroic in bearing a handsome and elegant, Ryoko Yoshiki, praising them is male and female in the eyes of their own choice. In the entertainment Tencent in an interview with producer Jin Yifei will this drama as "new drama" legend ", not only immersed in love’s true love, the more a symbol of war in ancient China home countries in the world, through the characters and plot, positive energy transfer, the return to protect our homes and defend our country, and. Screenwriter Chen Shi’s more confidently said that the script was written for three years, not only the maximum reduction of the essence of the novel, but also on the basis of strengthening the story thickness, so that the whole drama is more flesh plump, never let the fans disappointed novels. 3D holographic image stunning opening ceremony: finally not bad money! An array of beautiful dance conference opening, music sound, 3D holographic images of male and female "Zhao Yujin" and "Ye Zhao" lingering appeared, a main show will be seamless fantasy and reality. Then, a group called the "plain like jade" huge poster beautifully produced, a drop from the clouds, dust and other main female male master Yi’s valiant and heroic in bearing amazing people, not only shows the crew well intentioned, also visible crew".相关的主题文章:

Malaysia to buy 18 warships to deal with exposure to China – Sohu Military Channel 追踪309

Malaysia to buy a China exposure of 18 ships trading Sohu military channel page first: Malaysia a purchase of 18 warships China [Abstract] official confirmed Malaysia will purchase 18 ship "offshore multi task ship to China" (LMS), to replace the current service for more than 40 years of gun boats and fast attack boats the contract will be signed in November 5th. Some media reports said that the two sides may be the first of the 2 modes of trade, offshore multi mission ship will be built in China, and the rest will be built in Malaysia naval shipyard. The 3000 ton C28A military trade frigates are the group of independent research and development and construction of military products, is the top level research, overall design, assembly and construction "three-in-one" development model is a successful example of equipment. This series represents the highest level of current technology of ship ship of our military trade products, to create China’s export ship comprehensive operational performance of the strongest, the most fierce fire, the most advanced equipment of the new record. Text with map: trial C82A light frigate. Observer network synthesis: Malaysia defense network reported on October 25th, Malaysia will purchase "China offshore multi task ship" (LMS) has been confirmed, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin confirmed on October 25th, the contract will be signed in November 5th. Malaysia plans to purchase 18 aircraft to replace the LMS, currently serving more than 40 years of gunboats and a fast counter attack craft, September 10th China contractor to submit proposals to the government of Malaysia, the proposal presented in the LMS length of about 70 meters. Malaysia insiders also suggested that China had been purchased to export to the Algeria C82A light frigate. "In November 5, 2016, the Ministry of defence and the national defense science and technology industry China administration signed the" offshore multi task ship "(LMS) of the purchase contract, it is important to the end of the month the official visit of prime minister Chinese." Hishammuddin at a party when it comes to the Department of defense. He has no further explanation of the contract, but later in the social media claims that LMS’s procurement means that the Royal Navy of Malaysia "15-to-5" program is advancing. Further reading: Algeria has received Chinese strongest export ships with aircraft carrier Liaoning ship Island hanging Malaysia flag to welcome a person: backing is not small (Figure)相关的主题文章: